In 2005 Soraya appeared to contribute something different to Spanish music. Her passage through the famous television program OT, reflected a different and unprecedented naturalness, which made presage that she would stay with us forever "Life gave me that opportunity and I did not hesitate ... It was what I was looking for and just left. A few days before entering the academy I called the one who until then was my director (in the work I had then) and asked for the settlement, I sensed that a new stage was opening for me, "she says with a certain nostalgia.

With the same simplicity she collected in 2005 the honeys of his first debut album Corazon de Fuego, getting a platinum record that remained more than 20 weeks in lists.

SORAYA , is undoubtedly the most contracted national artist in recent years, hits such as Dreamer, Feeling You, Con Fuego or her new album UNIVERSE IN ME, are required in the most elite clubs, the most important parties by municipalities, events Private and big brands. Her show likes all audiences and her charisma conquers all hearts.

Today we can celebrate a great career, "In all this time I have been defining my style more. The truth is that the dance floors have opened up many possibilities for me and I feel increasingly safe on stage. "

"Although I know that I have a lot to give and the public even more to discover," says Soraya. "I have toured the best discos in the world and I have shared the stage with people like David Gueta, Juan Magán, Brian Cross, among others. Although I also notice that the time has come to climb one more step in my career. " In 2015 she marked her 10-year career in which she has published several works, in addition to numerous successful singles: 2006 Eighties, 2007 Dolce Vita, 2008 Fearless, 2010 Dreamer, 2011 Dreamer Reloaded, 2012 With Fire, 2013 Universe in Me with which she continues to reap success and with which she has already released many video clips. In recent years, Soraya has had extensive concert tours, demonstrating its versatility with its different formats, and she has also performed in the main halls and discos throughout Spain, and in the best clubs in Ibiza. Her singles are playing loudly in 40 Major and many other national radios.

The pop music and dance in Spain has proper name:- "SORAYA"