Blas Cantó, Soraya Arnelas, Natalie Horler and Kate Ryan in the FruitVegetablesEUROPE campaign

The singer Blas Cantó -representative of Spain in the Eurovision 2021 contest, which will host the city of Rotterdam (Holland) at the end of May-, along with Soraya Arnelas (participated in this contest in 2009), Natalie Horner (aspiring from Germany in 2013) and Kate Ryan (Belgium's choice in 2006 for the Festival), are the well-known faces that have shot in Guadalajara the promotional video of the campaign "CuTE-4You: Cultivating the Taste of Europe for You". The initiative, co-financed by the European Union (EU), will generate a whole social movement in favor of the consumption of European fruits and vegetables. FruitVegetablesEUROPE (EUCOFEL), which brings together more than 4,500 companies from the main European producing countries, wants to value the essential work of the sector carried out during the COVID-19 pandemic and, generate a movement of support to European farmers that promotes in turn, the consumption of fruit and vegetables produced within the European Union, compared to those imported from third countries, explained the president of the consortium, Juan Marín.

The FruitVegetablesEUROPE campaign, in which prominent and representative organizations such as Citrus Management Committee, Afrucat, Freshuelva, Agro-alimentary Cooperatives of Granada / Green Asparagus, + Broccoli, Artichoke of Spain, Proexport, Asociafruit, Afruex, Apoexpa, Fedefruta and FEPEX, intends to bring the messages of belonging and pride of the sector to millions of consumers in Spain, Germany and Belgium. In this promotional video, we appeal to the feeling of belonging to Europe, to be proud of the work carried out by an entire sector during the hardest months in our recent history. A recognition of the courage and effort of thousands of people during a very complex time and finally a powerful call to action: choosing products from the countryside of Europe. "Thanks to this campaign, we will generate a social movement to support the European fruit and vegetable sector; we will celebrate the work and effort of European farmers; we will make consumers aware of the importance of consuming European products; and we will communicate the strength and unity of the European fruit and vegetable sector ", sums up Marín.