Soraya confesses how she is carrying her second pregnancy: "Age is weighing on"

Soraya Arnelas is already in the 30th week of her pregnancy and there is less and less left to be able to have Olivia, her second daughter, in her arms . In her last public appearance, the singer explained that she will continue with her work commitments until October 15, just a few days before her daughter is born, which is scheduled for November 10. "I will take advantage of until the last moment if everything goes well," she assured.
And it is that that energy is what you are already transmitting to your baby. "Olivia is going to be very active, like Manuela, I rock her all the time," she said with a laugh. In the video that heads this news you can see the singer herself tell the differences she has had in this second pregnancy compared to the first. "Each pregnancy is a world and I feel very well. She's letting me do shows and everything. Age is weighing on, the lumbar is not the same " , Soraya has confessed to the Europa Press cameras.

Another of the protagonists of this stage of his life is his daughter Manuela, who is four years old. At the moment, according to her mother, she is happy with the idea of ​​having a baby sister soon. "Good for the moment, then things will change a little," said the artist, referring to the possible jealousy that children often have when another baby comes home. "At the moment he needs to meet his sister, Manuela is very affectionate. Thank God I feel fine and that allows me to lead a totally normal life ", said the grateful artist.

Since announcing her second pregnancy, the artist has had no problem counting the changes her body underwent. One of the issues she wanted to discuss was the issue of the vaccine, since at first they recommended not to get vaccinated . "What I do is trust the doctors. At first he recommended that I not, after months we spoke again and he told me to get vaccinated " , explained the artist.

Soraya, who was vaccinated for the second dose a few days ago, has not had any symptoms. "We have to add, if we want this to happen as soon as possible we have to do it together. As a public figure I have to be socially close to people ", she assures.

The singer postpones her wedding with Miguel Ángel Herrera for two more years

They were very excited to be able to say 'yes, I do', but the pandemic arrived. As has happened to many other familiar faces, Soraya has decided to postpone her wedding until she can celebrate it without any restrictions. "At least two years, I want a gypsy wedding . The atmosphere, I want to celebrate it well because I'm going to get married once and now, "the artist said with a laugh.