Soraya Arnelas gives her best advice to survive postpartum

 Soraya Arnelas is more thoughtful than ever . Since she was the mother of Olivia, her second daughter, the singer shares her experience and thoughts about motherhood and her postpartum . Today, she wanted to reveal to her followers her best secret to survive the weeks after giving birth. And it is that despite , Soraya Arnelas has shared today the less friendly side of motherhood . "It is very easy to fall into depression at the moment, it is very easy for discussions to arise, especially due to the little rest and stress," she explained to his followers.

The singer says she wants to prepare a video to explain how the first days have been after giving birth to little Olivia. "Nothing is what it seems in this of births, pregnancies, recoveries, breastfeeding ... each one lives his own," she claimed. Something that she already expressed a few days after being a mother for the second time, ensuring that " Let's try to take care of ourselves these days, especially of the opinions of one and the other . What one does is well done when it is done from love and from the heart ", a few words Without a doubt, Soraya Arnelas is willing to give her own point of view about the experience of being a mother , just as other celebrities such as Sara Carbonero, Pilar Rubio or Toñi Moreno have already done. ### Soraya gives her best advice to her followers Finally, she revealed the best advice she believes can be given to parents who have just welcomed a child into the family: " Happy dad + mom = happy baby ." Some heartfelt words that accompanied a most tender photograph with Olivia , whom she has not yet presented via Instagram.