The impossible dress with which Soraya Arnelas prepares for Christmas

Risk or die. Soraya Arnelas must have thought that when she tried on this Zara dress. In black, midi length, round neck with one long sleeve and the other in a strap. The most striking thing about the piece is the detail of the openings in the abdomen area. Very nice, yes, we know. But to put it on you will need an instruction manual. Of course, it is perfect for Christmas. If you dare with the 'cut out', one of its points in favor is its price (29.95 euros). Regarding the size, it is sold from XS to XL. There is no doubt that it is a real lookazo, although it is very little wearable and only works for very special occasions. This design has already been worn by other well-known faces in the world of fashion, such as Violeta Mangriñán or Susana Bicho . Both managed to exhaust the garment in a matter of minutes. It is a dress that has been on the waiting list for several months and when the Galician brand restocks it, it runs out of stock again after a few hours. Therefore, if you like it (and you dare to wear it), visit the Zara website as soon as possible. A plus? **It will make your waist look slimmer by the arrangement of the openings.

### Soraya Arnelas was the last to join the 'cut out' fever The 'cut out' has become the 'must have' of the season. It is a trend that consists of exposing parts of the body such as the shoulders, abdomen, neckline or back, making different uneven cuts and openings in the garment. This fashion swept the summer pass and, even with the arrival of winter and cold, it continues to triumph. Although they are very risky dresses, they can be elegant if you know how to combine them. If you are not very daring, bet on a black model and complete the outfit with a 'baguette' type bag and simple high heels; If, on the contrary, you dare to be the center of all eyes, take a chance with a more psychedelic combination. - - - ### The singer has just been a mother and she already looks great Soraya Arnelas is living one of the sweetest moments of her life and is enjoying to the fullest the motherhood of her second daughter Olivia , who came to the world last October. She combines her role as a mother with her work as a singer and her influence on social networks. Despite being in full postpartum, Soraya has recovered phenomenally and dares to wear dresses as striking as today.** "I am not fully recovered, I still have four kilos left and my belly is not completely in its place. Let's say I'm almost 80% ", she confessed to her Instagram stories.