The beautiful Christmas of Soraya Arnelas and her little Olivia

Soraya Arnelas could not be more excited about the first Christmas she will spend with little Olivia. , has caused a revolution in the life of the singer and her fiancé Miguel Ángel Herrera, but also in that of her first daughter Manuela de Gracia, who now four years old, has fulfilled her dream of have a little sister. The arrival of a new member is always a reason for joy and more so on these very important dates. For this reason, Soraya has starred in one of the most special moments of these days: the Christmas pose with her baby . The artist wanted to make all her followers participate in this tender and special portrait with the little girl. " It seems that it is already Christmas ... ", Soraya Arnelas has written in her publication. her words with Olivia. With the tree full of color in the background and the little girl in the arms of the interpreter of La Dolce Vita , the one who was a contestant on Operación Triunfo 2005 has posed smiling with her baby, barely two months old. Reactions to the images have not taken long to appear before the tender Christmas picture, among them that of the singer María Aguado -with several red heart emoticons- or the actor Pablo Rivero.

They were joined by the wife of the late soccer player José Antonio Reyes, Noelia López, congratulating them on these dates: "Merry Christmas beautiful family !!! "In addition, the singer's followers have not stopped sending her words of affection:" Beautiful! "," How beautiful! "," What a beautiful photo "," What happiness! ". The singer is passionate about these dates and radiates happiness when talking about them: " I have always loved the cold, the gifts, the Christmas carols, I am very Christmas, I like them very much, " she expressed the other day at the presentation of Celebrity Bake Off Spain - a pastry program in which she has been immersed during this time. In fact, at that time Olivia was not yet born: " It was a very sweet and wonderful experience.I was caught pregnant and it has been a very good experience. I was delighted to meet the jury and my colleagues because we have lived it very close, "she said. With the Covid thing, we had to spend five weeks in the same hotel and it has been great. We have learned a lot of recipes and I have been able to make them a little Tribute to some aunts of mine who are pastry chefs, "said the one who was a contestant on Operación Triunfo 2005 . This Christmas will be marked by the birth of the new member of the family, making these dates even more enjoyable if possible: "With the arrival of Olivia we are one more, there will be more gifts God willing, more family ... . ", she revealed content and happy about the plans they had for these days, adding that her parents would spend the holidays there and that" the best gift "had already been given to them with the little girl.