Soraya Arnelas visits Las Hurdes and will donate her cache to companies affected by the fires

After postponing their link several times, and the urologist Miguel Sánchez Encinas have said "Yes, I want" in the fine Comassema, in Mallorca. A fairy tale wedding that has brought together several familiar faces. Among them, Soraya Arnelas. The Extremaduran, who is going through one of the sweetest stages of her life, has taken advantage of the free time that the triumphant marriage has left her to tour the Balearic island.

The one who was the representative of Spain in Eurovision 2009 has walked through the beautiful streets of Orient , the small town in which the Finca Comassema is located, where the link has taken place. The singer has recharged her batteries and disconnected before heading to Bilbao, where she has a concert. As we can see in the images that she has shared on social networks, we see her happy and rested. Of course, she has joked and has assured that her face is the work of having drunk six liters of water after the party that she was able to enjoy. She has drawn much attention to Soraya's presence at Chenoa's wedding due to the conspicuous absence of several of the editing partners of the jury of -'Your face sounds to me-We have done a very symbolic wedding , wedding dresses, but they are not even similar to what we are going to wear on the real day , she commented a few weeks ago. With Chenoa's wedding in the media spotlight, Soraya's could be closer than ever. Already at her time, the girl from Extremadura made it clear that both were waiting for the right moment to go through the altar and be able to celebrate her love with all their loved ones, without restrictions." We've waited eight years, we can wait a couple more years ," she joked on her day.