Soraya Arnelas triumphs in Alcalá de Henares and reveals the date of her next single

Coinciding with the week of festivities in Alcalá de Henares, where she lived for many years, Soraya Arnelas gave a concert this Saturday to all its inhabitants, wasting her talent and professionalism. Living one of her best personal moments, the singer gave us some statements to the Europa Press cameras with which she assured us of the illusion that makes her be there again.

Olivia will see her on stage: "Manuela has already come to a concert but Olivia is the first time she is going to be. And well, for now the truth is that everything catches his attention. Let's see what happens later". We asked her about Chenoa and she confessed that she is living the happiest and most relaxed moment of her life: "She has been living very beautiful moments since she met Miguel, her partner. She is happy, she looks radiant, very beautiful." And the truth is that we have no doubt, since after giving the 'Yes, I want' with Miguel she shows herself in the most plethoric networks. The singer assured us that at the moment Chenoa is focused on living her new married life little by little while she combines it with her professional life: "she is calm, you see her on social networks, she goes to her concerts on time. , to her recordings. She is working but she is taking it easy. I see her very relaxed and very pretty". For her part, Soraya is looking forward to traveling to the town with her parents so that Manuela can enjoy her grandparents: "This coming week I am going to escape to my town for a few days with my parents, so that they can also be with the girls and, above all, , take Manuela to town, which she loves". Living a very good moment professionally, Soraya informs us that she has brought forward the date of her next single with Dani Jota : *"on September 16, I already tell you, in advance, that a new single is going to be released. It is a version of a single I've done, it's the bachata version of 'I love you' with Dani Jota, who is one of the best European bachata players and we have it here in Spain