Manuela, the daughter of Soraya, conquers everyone in the video for 'I will count to ten'

'Luces y sombra' is the most personal album of Soraya Arnelas' musical career . It is his seventh studio album and it has featured artists such as Chenoa, Jon Secada and Bombai. But without a doubt, her most special collaboration is that of her daughter Manuela de Gracia, who with just 3 years old has become the great protagonist of her life and has a very important presence in the video clip of her song 'I will count up to ten' . We had already been able to listen to it when the album was released on April 24, but now that we have seen the video clip we have fallen in love even more. In it, Soraya has collected images of the 3 years of life of her little Manuela, since she was born until now with an introduction that makes clear the message she wants to send with this song. Soraya explains the meaning of her song 'I will count to ten'

With the most sincere words. Talk about those relationships that parents have with children. This song is made from the bowels of a mother who loves her daughter madly. And especially when he is not there, when he is no longer there, he can always see me in the reflection of the moon, 'Soraya says in a voiceover at the beginning of the video clip' I will count to ten. For a little over 3 minutes Soraya opens a part of her life to us with unpublished images of her life with her daughter Manuela as the protagonist. Since she came into the world 3 years ago, she has become a fundamental part of her life and it seems that the little girl is following in her footsteps and this song shows that she is a true artist . She has premiered as a singer in this video clip but we will surely see her more because she does not lack art. 'LIGHTS AND SHADOWS', HIS SEVENTH STUDIO ALBUM This song with her daughter Manuela is part of her seventh studio album 'Luces y sombra', a very special album in which Soraya Arnelas has been involved from start to finish, from composition to production and each of them has a important part of your life as an artist, as a mother and as a person. Composed of a total of 14 unreleased tracks and three bonus tracks , it has the collaboration of national and international artists of the stature of Chenoa, Jon Secada, Samo (ex-member of Camila), David Botero, Critika and Bombai, along with those who sings the release single titled 'Lo Bueno'.