Soraya Arnelas loses the baby she was expecting after four months of pregnancy

Soraya Arnelas has just suffered one of the hardest blows of her life. The singer and her husband, Miguel Angel Herrera, have announced that they have lost the baby they were expecting . A news that they have announced through their profiles on social networks, and in a letter and a very special drawing that another of her daughters, Manuela, has made. Sad news that comes four months after the artist became pregnant for the third time , and only one after also announcing it on her networks. A baby whose sex they still did not know, although they had decided that if she was a boy she would be called Mauro, and if she was a girl, Bianca.

In a letter to her "dear friends," Soraya announced this sad news: "We would not have liked to have to share this news, but we thought we should do it because of the love and respect that you give our entire family every day. Unfortunately, we lost the baby that was on the way a few weeks ago ." " They have been sad moments, we really wanted to be able to be a large family, but sometimes the plans are not in one's hands . We have let some time pass so we can write these lines from calm, from reason and from love, without anger involved," explained the singer, referring to the fact that it is news that they had known for several days, and that They have waited to communicate because of the pain they felt. ### "Value what you have and enjoy it every day" Soraya Arnelas also assures that this has taught them a lesson, one of the hardest: "This experience has taught us one of the most important lessons that life can give you: value what you have and enjoy it every day . If we were already aware of it, now much more so. We are fortunate and we are grateful for having two wonderful and healthy daughters who are being our greatest support, who give us strength and make us fight every day and bring a smile despite the circumstances. We are a big little family, we have done a great job together these days to face these moments. Union and a lot of love, it is the only way."

Furthermore, the artist wanted to send a message of gratitude to all her fans who have sent her messages of support and affection, and remembering other families who have gone through the same thing: " Thank you all for your understanding and love always ." We do not want to overlook all the families who have gone through these moments like us. "We want to send a message of encouragement and an infinite hug to all of them."