Soraya explains for the first time the true reason for her abortion: "The baby was sick"

At the end of last year, Soraya Arnelas excitedly announced that she was pregnant with what would be her third child . However, just a few months later she had to face an unexpected abortion because the baby "was not compatible with life." This hard blow left the 41-year-old singer in shock , who although she announced that she had lost her little one, decided not to let the reasons go beyond protecting her privacy and that of her partner. Now, three months later, Soraya has decided to vent and explain the real reason that led her to make that difficult decision. , who married Miguel Ángel Herrera last summer, was already a mother of two children when she found out she was pregnant for the last time.

This baby was highly anticipated by the couple, but unfortunately things did not go as they expected , as the singer confessed in 'Human Animals', the podcast where she went for an interview."I did not expect this setback ," Soraya began the conversation with activist Ibai Vengan, highlighting how unexpected and difficult it was for her to have to face this situation. The singer explained that she found out the news in week 12 of her pregnancy, during routine tests to check the baby's condition: "It was one of the most important tests, where attention is paid to everything related to the baby in general. ". "If after twelve weeks something goes wrong and there is no solution, it must be stopped," he continued explaining. Soraya had gone to the consultation with the hope of discovering the sex of the baby , however she found something worse and that is that her little one "was sick and was not compatible with life," she revealed. "My legs started to shake when they told me the news. I was alone in the office," she recalled . As she was already a mother of two children, Soraya felt that something was not right when she saw the doctor's reaction during the tests: "when she started seeing them, she became silent. Suddenly I realized that something was not right." At that moment, his suspicions were confirmed. "It's not going well, Soraya. This is not going well. Do you prefer that we talk about it with your family? With you alone? How do you want to handle it?" the doctor told her. It was then when her husband and her eldest daughter entered the office to accompany her in that difficult moment , as the gynecologist had requested. "The doctor was very delicate. My daughter started crying. I cried a lot. My husband and I were shocked, without saying any words. She told us that this was not compatible, that we had to stop it," Soraya said, explaining that there was no another option. Then, when they got home, Soraya went straight to bed and her oldest daughter drew a picture representing the miscarriage she had suffered. Now, three months later, Soraya can say that she has managed to pull herself together and reflect deeply on her experience. "In my circle they don't know whether to ask me how I am. And the truth is that I am super well. It has been the worst start to the year of my life," she said. However, the year has progressed and she can now see things differently, "Everyone making wish lists for the new year and suddenly they give me the worst news, or what I thought would be the worst news of my life." However, the Extremadura native confesses "that I could say that at this point in the quarter, this is one of the best years of my life because I have learned many lessons day after day."