Soraya Arnelas has just suffered one of the hardest blows of her life. The singer and her husband, Miguel Angel Herrera, have announced that they have lost the baby they were expecting . A news that they have announced through their profiles on social networks, and in a letter and a very special drawing that another of her daughters, Manuela, has made. Sad news that comes four months after the artist became pregnant for the third time , and only one after also announcing it on her networks. A baby whose sex they still did not know, although they had decided that if she was a boy she would be called Mauro, and if she was a girl, Bianca.


Soraya offers a breath of fresh air in the midst of this Friday's musical premieres. It's called 'When you're fine' , with lyrics that talk about everyday life and are accompanied by one of those melodies that stick in your head, with a catchy rhythm. A song that invites us to immortalize the moments lived, the beauty of the small everyday things that we do not give importance to and that, after the years, are the most beautiful memories. This 'When you are well' is a song produced by Manuel de Diego**Carlos Almazán who has high-level collaborations such as Sergio Dalma, Carlos Baute and many more. A song with which Soraya, one of the voices of the best musical variety of CADENA 100 , surprises us once again and makes us think that all stages of life are essential. She does it through this three-minute and 20-second song in which she appears with a 'look' with long hair, which is what she has been sporting for a few months. Hit 'play' to discover this new song by Soraya Arnelas! How has it been received by all those who have been by the Extremaduran woman's side since she started walking in this industry? Well, we are going to respond with a sample of the comments that we found below this video on their YouTube channel. "I love it when you do pop 'dance'; "What a great song" ; "Great song"; "She's very cool"; "Divine woman, divine voice, divine song" ; "Another great song that I will always dance to"... This one It is the best way to test how it has been perceived by those for whom** the songs are really made: the public.


The former contestant of has just said 'yes, I want' to her partner, businessman Miguel Ángel Herrera. Everything indicates that they are going to enjoy a beautiful future together and their new home is a reflection of that. Because Soraya Arnelas's house is a dream , on the outskirts of Madrid and with a beautiful decoration. Soraya and her family have moved to Villar del Olmo, a town 40 minutes from Madrid that allows them to have the perfect single-family home. A two-story home with a huge garden and a spacious , bright and very minimalist interior.


 Santa Cruz de Tenerife has dressed up again to host the twenty-seventh edition of the Dial Awards. It was a magical night in which the most important singers in our country gathered to celebrate music and tell us about their projects for this year. , Lorena Gómez and , among others, paraded along the carpet before enjoying the gala, masterfully conducted by , where prizes were awarded to such outstanding artists as , , Fangoria, or , that he did not want to give details about her relationship with Aitana. Much more accessible and open was shown , who told us about her wedding that will take place this year. Gtres "Yeah! This year I'm getting married.


Soraya Arnelas and Miguel Herrera have formed a beautiful family with two precious children, Manuela Gracia and Olivia who are the engine of their lives. It is common to see them share quality moments with them who are very present on their social networks. Like many families, they manage to discover new plans to make parents and children together and they wanted to share one of the last ones they have signed up to give ideas to those who need them.


The singer Soraya Arnelas has carved out an interesting niche for herself on Telecinco, as a jury member of the and a punctual guest to sing. In fact, this summer we saw her sing her famous song 'My world without you' with Lydia Lozano. But now she is writing a new episode in her curriculum on television, and that is that, as announced this afternoon, Soraya will join Adela González and Nuria Marín to present the delivery of the aforementioned Mediaset Night Fever this coming Friday. This was announced this afternoon during the broadcast of Sálvame. " She is super happy with the opportunity and she is going to do it fabulously, we are going to have a great time", Adela González told her, after announcing this news.


Soraya Arnelas headliner of the gala 'Mundo Rural Palentino' of Onda Cero in Guardo. It will be on December 20 at the Municipal Auditorium and the artist will be accompanied by the Big Band and two AMGu urban dance groups. The singer Soraya Arnelas, representative of Spain in Eurovision 2009, will be the headliner of the VI gala 'Mundo Rural Palentino' of Onda Cero Palencia, which in this edition is held in Guardo on December 20, starting at 12:00 p.m. , in the Municipal Auditorium, with free admission until full capacity is reached.


This Friday we saw Soraya Arnelas at Los Premios 40 Music Awards 2022 and we were able to talk to her about this sweet moment that she is going through in her professional career. The artist also clarified some controversies that have arisen in her life in recent months, such as the one she has had with Amaia Montero. Before getting into the matter, the singer declared herself part of the 'team Shakira' after all that the international artist is suffering due to her separation from Gerard Piqué : "I don't care what Piqué does."


We met her in 2005, as a contestant on Telecinco's first edition of 'Operación Triunfo'. An artist from Extremadura, already an expert in the art of passing the word, will sneak into our homes the next few afternoons, from the set of Antena 3's most watched contest. Roberto Leal will receive the singer Soraya Arnelas as a guest , who has already tested their knowledge in tests such as word search and music track on other occasions. It should be noted that since we met Soraya in 2005 she has never left television . Her first big project was Operación Triunfo, in the first edition that was broadcast on Telecinco.


If there is a fabric that you cannot resist with the arrival of autumn, it is imitation leather or 'leather effect' garments. Dresses, shirts, skirts, jackets, pants... any option is valid if you want to show off your style. With the drop in temperatures, she becomes the star of street style and Soraya Arnelas did not want to miss the opportunity to show it off in the sexiest and most overwhelming version of her.


 Soraya Arnelas is one of those women who always inspire us with her image twists. She has shown it on more than one occasion and she has done it again now that she has just turned 40 . What better way to celebrate another year of life than with a big makeover? It, without a doubt, has turned out to be a success. As a good follower of trends, she knows that short hair is very this season, so she has decided to clean up her hair with a very 'trendy' cut.


 The singer Soraya Arnelas celebrated her 40th birthday (September 13) in advance and with emotion at the concert held on Saturday night in the Plaza de la Constitución in Socuéllamos, as part of the Manchavino 2022 activities.


Coinciding with the week of festivities in Alcalá de Henares, where she lived for many years, Soraya Arnelas gave a concert this Saturday to all its inhabitants, wasting her talent and professionalism. Living one of her best personal moments, the singer gave us some statements to the Europa Press cameras with which she assured us of the illusion that makes her be there again.


After postponing their link several times, and the urologist Miguel Sánchez Encinas have said "Yes, I want" in the fine Comassema, in Mallorca. A fairy tale wedding that has brought together several familiar faces. Among them, Soraya Arnelas. The Extremaduran, who is going through one of the sweetest stages of her life, has taken advantage of the free time that the triumphant marriage has left her to tour the Balearic island.


After postponing their link several times, and the urologist Miguel Sánchez Encinas have said "Yes, I want" in the fine Comassema, in Mallorca. A fairy tale wedding that has brought together several familiar faces. Among them, Soraya Arnelas. The Extremaduran, who is going through one of the sweetest stages of her life, has taken advantage of the free time that the triumphant marriage has left her to tour the Balearic island.


Celebrations are piling up for , she has just celebrated ten years of relationship with Miguel Ángel Herrera , she has premiered a new song that is being a complete success, a summer full of concerts is coming up all over Spain and on September 13 her birthday is forty years. Meanwhile, she is also preparing to attend the wedding of her friend De Ella, which will be held in a few days in Palma de Mallorca. Excited, happy, grateful to life and above all very much in love, this is how ESdiario sees Soraya Arnelas, with her we have talked about the current moment that she is living at full throttle and with her heart a hundred per hour. I love you is the title of her latest work, the lyrics and the video clip is a tribute to the ten years of relationship that she has just had with Miguel Ángel Herrera. And for all this, Soraya wanted to give the video clip more authenticity by choosing her boyfriend as the leading couple in the video: "The idea of ​​including Miguel Ángel in the video clip was mine, I am very natural when it comes to telling my stories, even in social networks. The song reflects our history and that's why I thought: why should I choose the model of the moment when I have a partner who is a top dancer, and I'm telling something so intimate? We met ten years ago in a television contest, after recording we all went to a disco, I remember that and the rest of the dancers who also came. When I saw her dance on the floor I realized that she was not just a pretty face.


 Soraya Arnelas has spoken very clearly about her participation in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009, which left her in 23rd place , tied with Lithuanian Sasha Son, receiving only 23 points from Andorra, Portugal, Switzerland and Greece. The singer has spoken on networks, days after being one of the guests of 'Deluxe ', and has made a very direct and frank confession about her performance with the theme 'The night is for me' on her official Twitter account. "That was the worst choreography ever carried out in the history of Eurovision** … and come to spin! And more spins!


After giving birth to her second daughter, Soraya Arnelas is unstoppable. With her batteries recharged and full of energy, the girl from Extremadura has taken to the stage again this weekend and wanted to share it with all her followers. Radiant and with a style with which she has not left anyone indifferent, the singer has explained that she feels full to meet her public again.

View this post on Instagram Soraya was the main star of the Drag Queen Gala of the Carnival of Santiago de la Ribera (Murcia) and delighted everyone present with a varied repertoire in which she mixed her greatest hits with those of other artists who continue to endure over time, such as «I want to dance» by Sonia and Selena». The Extremaduran gave herself body and soul to her audience and the icing on the cake came when she performed "La noche es para mi" , the song with which she represented Spain at Eurovision 2009. It was a special night for the singer and for This chose a most daring look to return to the stage. Specifically, she opted for a leopard style, high heels and gold chains. «Tonight I return to the stage! For all!


 Soraya Arnelas attended "Sálvame deluxe" and, during the interview, revealed that, since she participated in Eurovision in 2009, she has received requests to perform at private events from Russian businessmen.


 The slap that Will Smith gave Chris Rock during the Oscars 2022 gala continues to speak. Now, the one who has wanted to comment on the unpleasant incident has been Soraya Arnelas who has said: «but well, now with time you see it differently.


 Soraya Arnelas has returned to the set of ' Saturday Deluxe '. The artist has gone to the Telecinco set to chat with Jorge Javier Vázquez about ' Eurovision ' and her professional career.


In pajamas and with the best bow to be at home, because nothing like the naturalness and closeness that characterizes , she has announced it to us through her stories on Instagram. The artist is " very happy and excited ", so she could not help but share it with all her followers. At CADENA 100 we discover what it is all about! "I don't know what name I'm going to give it..." As Soraya began by saying: "I'm stopping by to say hello, to tell you how my day went... I haven't uploaded anything today, because I've been in a lot of fuss all day. I don't know if I told you that I'm having a I study at home and finally today we have finished the works!". Great news that the artist has celebrated very happily and eager to start using it now. "I've been fixing up the studio all day, the furniture arrives on Friday... You know, now it's time for decoration and all that. I'll show you. It's going to be very cool! ", she added.

"It is a work area so that, when I have to record and rehearse, for reviews of my work... and I have it here, right in my house but it's a separate building here.


Soraya Arnelas is enjoying a dream weekend with her two daughters, Manuela and little Olivia. As has been seen through her Instagram profile, the singer has had a great time playing with her two little ones in the "kitchens" in the bedroom of her firstborn. Taking advantage of this afternoon of games, the Valencian has opened the doors of her house to show the decoration of her eldest daughter's room , decorated in the purest princess style. There is nothing Soraya likes more than spending quality time with her two daughters , Manuela, four years old, and , who is only four months old. On this occasion, the singer had the opportunity to visit the "restaurant" of de Ella, where they offer "salads with jam" and "hamburgers with cow cheese". A fun afternoon for girls in which the one from Valencia has taken the opportunity to show in detail the decoration of her eldest daughter's room, who is about to turn five years old.


How good Soraya looks, a few months after giving birth! And it is that the artist, who has just shared a very funny and familiar video on Instagram, has shown how wonderful and beautiful she is. Also showing off abs. Since she became a mother for the second time, to little Olivia at the end of October, she has experienced a rapid physical recovery . But how has she achieved it? We tell you the details! Physical and mental health. The interpreter of 'I am that woman' or 'Right in the Night' has spoken more than well, at the request of so many followers, about what is that "trick" that she has followed to look so spectacular. But the secret, without wanting to look for nonexistent miracles, she is in sports. What is physical and mental health ? And doing sports requires a will and an effort, of course. If you want something, it's going to cost you. "Not with surgery" , she wanted to make clear. where we just saw her showing off her abdomen: A super cute video dancing with her daughter Manuela and her boyfriend, Michael. "This is how we woke up. A little music to brighten the day. Happy Sunday.


 These days the singer Soraya has shared some of her most tender moments with her family. The artist has posed, showing how much her older girl has grown, but also those first attempts at a smile from the little one. It was precisely in the latest capture of the newborn in which an affectionate and fun nickname used by the singer has brought to light. "My favorite hairy girl" writes Soraya tenderly, words that have received an avalanche of compliments and comical anecdotes.


Soraya Arnelas today shared an emotional post on her social networks, giving thanks for being in one of her best moments of life . In fact, we could say that this has been one of the most important years of her life, since she has become a mother for the second time. Thus, the singer thanked her and acknowledged that she felt that she had "won the lottery."


Soraya Arnelas could not be more excited about the first Christmas she will spend with little Olivia. , has caused a revolution in the life of the singer and her fiancé Miguel Ángel Herrera, but also in that of her first daughter Manuela de Gracia, who now four years old, has fulfilled her dream of have a little sister. The arrival of a new member is always a reason for joy and more so on these very important dates. For this reason, Soraya has starred in one of the most special moments of these days: the Christmas pose with her baby . The artist wanted to make all her followers participate in this tender and special portrait with the little girl. " It seems that it is already Christmas ... ", Soraya Arnelas has written in her publication. her words with Olivia. With the tree full of color in the background and the little girl in the arms of the interpreter of La Dolce Vita , the one who was a contestant on Operación Triunfo 2005 has posed smiling with her baby, barely two months old. Reactions to the images have not taken long to appear before the tender Christmas picture, among them that of the singer María Aguado -with several red heart emoticons- or the actor Pablo Rivero.


 Just a month and a half after becoming a mother for the second time and showing off her spectacular recovery and a radiant smile that reflects that she is living a dream, Soraya Arnelas has reappeared publicly after the birth of her daughter Olivia to present her latest project. 'Celebrity Bake Off Spain', the new Amazon Original reality show in which, alongside other popular faces such as Chenoa, Andrés Velencoso, Yolanda Ramos or Pablo Rivero , she will be put to the test as a reporter in a fun talent show that promises to give a lot to speak. Beautiful and showing off her spectacular physical recovery - she gave birth by cesarean section days before October 27, which was when she announced the happy news on her social networks - With an original strapless top with a huge sky blue bow, Soraya has confessed the special of this public comeback because the program has been "a lot of fun and a very nice experience." "It has been a tribute to the women in my family because my aunts were pastry chefs and it has brought me very close to them, but I don't think I will put what I learned into practice because they are complicated things, high confectionery. I follow my own thing, cookies for the girls, the cakes and stuff, "she pointed out with a big smile.


Although she is only four years old, daughter already dazzles on social networks with her art. Manuela sure knows! The artist, one of our favorite voices from CHAIN ​​100, has in her life a being of light that illuminates her days. And is not for less. In her latest publication, Soraya has shared an artistic side of Manuela that we have loved. We tell you all the details!** "How nice it is to see the essence ..."


Risk or die. Soraya Arnelas must have thought that when she tried on this Zara dress. In black, midi length, round neck with one long sleeve and the other in a strap. The most striking thing about the piece is the detail of the openings in the abdomen area. Very nice, yes, we know. But to put it on you will need an instruction manual. Of course, it is perfect for Christmas. If you dare with the 'cut out', one of its points in favor is its price (29.95 euros). Regarding the size, it is sold from XS to XL. There is no doubt that it is a real lookazo, although it is very little wearable and only works for very special occasions. This design has already been worn by other well-known faces in the world of fashion, such as Violeta Mangriñán or Susana Bicho . Both managed to exhaust the garment in a matter of minutes. It is a dress that has been on the waiting list for several months and when the Galician brand restocks it, it runs out of stock again after a few hours. Therefore, if you like it (and you dare to wear it), visit the Zara website as soon as possible. A plus? **It will make your waist look slimmer by the arrangement of the openings.


Soraya Arnelas and Miguel Ángel Herrera are enjoying a new life stage. The singer and her fiancé repeated in parenthood at the end of October with . "Physically, she looks a lot like me, and he's going to have character, although it's still too early to be sure. And I also think she will be tall like her sister and her father ", the artist explained a few days ago in her first interview after giving birth, where we could see for the first time her followers had been waiting for that moment for a long time. Arnelas already informed that she of the house for what she lived after the birth of her first-born. "This time I'm going to do it more calmly because with this young lady who is here (Manuela) I taught her early and many of you said very ugly things, many," she reproached the behavior of the dreaded 'haters'.


Soraya Arnelas is the star of the new WEEK issue. After this same medium published exclusively that the singer had given birth to her second daughter, Soraya presents her daughter Olivia in the pages of the new issue of your heart favorite magazine. From this Wednesday you can buy your new WEEK with a nice report with Soraya and her whole family. - - - The singer stars in a dream photo session with her entire family. In addition, she tells us how she is living these first days of life with his second daughter, whom she defines as an «angel». she also dares to draw similarities: «Physically, Olivia looks a lot like me, and she's going to have character, although it's still too early to be sure. And I also think that she is going to be tall like her sister and her father, "he admits. Although she has been a mother for the second time for only a few days and is adjusting to the new situation, Soraya does not hesitate to confess that she is already thinking of going for the third child. And it is that she confesses the desire she has to have a child at home: «When I can, we will go for the third. And this time a child plays ».


Soraya Arnela is experiencing one of the sweetest moments on a personal level. The singer has just released motherhood for the second time and is immersed in various musical projects and in the decoration of her new home. It has undoubtedly been a year full of emotions for the ex-triumph and, therefore, she uses her Instagram account as a photo gallery albumso that those moments never go down in history. As we said,a few weeks ago she gave birth to Olivia, the little girl of the house and she has hardly spoken about the little girl because, as she already anticipated, for the moment she prefers to keep her in the most absolute anonymity after the criticism she received when she was born Manuela. However, in this process of balancing her personal and professional life, she now faces balancing the love and affection of her two daughters. And it is that, as usually happens in these cases, she does not want, under any circumstances, Manuela to also have moments of prominence with the arrival of her little sister and that is why they have spent a most entertaining evening with her eldest daughter in a photo booth and so have been the results of the photographs.


 Since Soraya Arnelas and her partner, model Miguel Herrera became first-time parents at the end of February 2017 until their second daughter ( Olivia ) who was born last October, the singer has been questioned as a mother on many occasions. The first time just a week after the birth of their first-born, Manuela , when the happy couple went out to dinner at the restaurant of the well-known chef David Muñoz. What seemed like a quiet evening turned into a nightmare, as many of her 'haters' criticized the former 'Operación Triunfo' contestant for leaving the little girl a week after coming into the world.


 Soraya Arnelas is more thoughtful than ever . Since she was the mother of Olivia, her second daughter, the singer shares her experience and thoughts about motherhood and her postpartum . Today, she wanted to reveal to her followers her best secret to survive the weeks after giving birth. And it is that despite , Soraya Arnelas has shared today the less friendly side of motherhood . "It is very easy to fall into depression at the moment, it is very easy for discussions to arise, especially due to the little rest and stress," she explained to his followers.


 Just two weeks after the , the second daughter of Soraya Arnelas, the artist has given the reason why she has not yet shown her baby's face on social networks. The Extremaduran singer has been sincere with her followers on the networks and has assured that Olivia will be known "soon" , although she will let her see with more time, taking "more tranquility" after how her daughter Manuela was received by the press when was born, four years ago now. "


Soraya Arnelas is living some very special days. The singer gave birth this week to little Olivia, her second daughter. The artist has barely appeared on social networks in recent days because, as she herself said after the birth of her baby, she The singer did not want to let more time go by without talking to her followers, who these days have showered her with congratulations and messages of affection. Soraya Arnelas, through Instagram, has launched a message of gratitude for the words that come to her every day. she has also taken the opportunity to tell how she is doing after the cesarean delivery with which she welcomed her second daughter. The singer has assured that "I am still recovering from the cesarean section . " It was only two days since she gave birth to Olivia and it is normal that she still feels discomfort. But the singer, when she had the cesarean section, did not know what she was facing and has asked a question through Instagram with which she has shown her bewilderment about how everything has been and is being related to the birth of her little girl.


 - Soraya Arnelas has given birth to her second daughter with Miguel Ángel Herrera - The singer has communicated the news when she was already at home with her first daughter - Will it show the baby's face? The artist has dispelled all doubts "Your name does you justice, little Olivia. The one who brings peace. Welcome." With these words, Soraya Arnelas announced daughter with Miguel Ángel Herrera a few hours ago . In the publication that she shared through his social networks, the singer could be seen moments before the delivery and also the clothes they chose to take home to their second daughter, something that has already happened. The artist waited to communicate the news when they were at home, calmer, together with her eldest daughter. This is how Soraya Arnelas spoke before becoming a mother for the second time | Exclusive interview And the following hours have been full of congratulations. Via Instagram , Soraya has received many messages from her fans and followers who wanted to congratulate her on this second motherhood.


 Soraya Arnelas couldn't be happier. The singer and her partner, Miguel Ángel Herrera, have been parents for the second time, as the happy mother has just announced on her Instagram account. "Your name does you justice, little Olivia. 'The one who brings Peace'. Welcome," she wrote. At the moment no more details of the birth of the little girl are known.


 Soraya Arnelas boasted yesterday afternoon of her daughter Manuela in front of all Instagram users, letting her make up "her whole face" live like a true professional makeup artist . The girl began by explaining everything she was going to need by showing the products on camera and, supported by Soraya, they began to apply the foundation on the face, the eyeshadow, the blush, the lipstick and finally the mascara.


 Soraya Arnelas is thrilled about giving birth. The artist, , has reappeared before the imminent birth of her daughter and has revealed how she is living the final stretch of . "I feel fine, I am eager and excited and well, although , my daughter Manuela will love Halloween and I have come for her. So that later they will call us bad mothers," she assured in the Halloween presentation of Warner Park.


There is less left for Soraya and her boy to see little Olivia's face and they can't stand it anymore. The singer usually shares many moments of her pregnancy through social networks and they are undoubtedly the most tender. A few weeks ago little Olivia was seen in and her parents could not be happier: "Manuela was never seen in the ultrasounds during her pregnancy, it seems that with Olivia yes! What an illusion to be able to start seeing her, her little nose , the little hands .. " , she wrote next to the first photos of her baby. Soraya feels energetic despite her advanced pregnancy. Congratulations do not fit in her chest and although she is looking forward to spending time with her little ones, the singer is a workaholic and wants to continue growing professionally: "I worked with Manuela until the last day and if everything goes well now it will be the same again" , indicated the singer in her last interview.


"Find yourself a good life partner," Soraya wroteabout her partner Miguel Ángel a few months ago, "Someone who can make you smile" , she said about him tremendously proud, and the couple is on their way to having ten years together, with a beautiful daughter in common - Manuela - and with another on the way - Olivia -. So far down the stretch that he is about to reach the world. And it is that as the artist has revealed, her delivery is scheduled for the end of this month, just over two weeks. And before such an important event, he wanted to remember the beginning of everything, that of his relationship with his life partner, Miguel Ángel . A photo has been enough to summarize this stable relationship and comes from love, to which the artist wanted to add her story: "Today I simply wanted to remember this moment," she wrote, "From when we met" . "It is one of our first photos together, from when we had barely said anything to anyone" , the artist revealed as she explains her first weeks together, "In the field of a friend in Extremadura picking fruits and vegetables from the orchard, because we We have always liked that, the simple things, the quiet plans, the countryside ... ". - - - - - - - - - - - - "And here we are, 9 years or so later" , sentence. A story that puts the finishing touch to the relationship with the imminent birth of his second daughter. We all know that they have been together for almost a decade and that they have had to delay their wedding plans due to circumstances that we already know, but that does not prevent the couple from being more in love and excited than ever. In the photo of this publication we can see them hugging, with that look from the first days in a black and white capture as dusk falls and in which the conspiratorial glances flood the environment. It's been a long time since and yet, look at how they are still as close to each other as they were on the first day. Soraya showed in one of her latest videos how the one who is now the smallest of the house, her daughter Manuela , is very excited about the arrival of her younger sister, Olivia .


Soraya Arnelas (39 years old) counts the days to see the face of her little Olivia, who will be born at the end of the month. However, thanks to the three-dimensional ultrasounds, she has already been able to see what her baby will be like: "I am super happy, this morning I have been to the obstetrics, I am already 35 weeks past, and everything is going very well. I think Olivia looks more like I'm excited , she has the chubbiest face, the thickest lips, the most chatty nose, her dad has the thinnest face. But then you know that it changes a lot, "he commented in a live video made through your Instagram account.

Faced with the impending birth, the singer happy and expectant shown, like the rest of her family - her partner, Miguel Ángel Herrera(33) and her daughter, Manuela (4) - " . Olivia born on 28 or 29 October was has made Manuela's dream come true, she loves Halloween, she is very witchy, she loves the gothic world ... she loves villains ... she is very special, she has a very special character. Well, Olivia is going to get there -There, we're going to have to get her out of the hospital disguised as Chucky, because she's going to come for Halloween ".


Soraya Arnelas (Valencia de Alcántara, 1982) confesses herself to be a warrior, contested, curious and a tireless worker. As a good Virgo, she recognizes: "I have a hard time delegating to others, I am controlling and I do not like surprises." Transparent woman without folds, ensures that you are living a precious moment. "I am happy with my partner, my daughter Manuela fills me with joy and I am very excited about the arrival of my baby," says the artist, who is also on the premiere, since she has just released her new single , Soy esta mujer. "With this topic I want us to stop for a few seconds and do an exercise of reflection accepting what we like and also what we do not tolerate about ourselves, because only then can we build our best version to be happy," she says. Gone was Operación Triunfo , where it became known: "My career has not been a bed of roses. I have fought a lot and I have had successes, but also setbacks. One of my biggest disappointments was when I participated in Eurovision in 2009 . It was a hit, but I don't regret it, because I gave one hundred percent of myself. Sometimes it is necessary to stop and disappear for a while to resurface and shine with more intensity, "she confesses.


Soraya Arnelas feels "very happy" to be the person she is today. With that enthusiasm and positivity, she welcomes us from his home to introduce us to 'I am that woman' , a new single that marks a before and after in his life. The artist considers that she is in a moment of "personal reaffirmation" which she has reached as a result of everything she experienced in the pandemic. "We always have things to debug, but I feel that I have taken a step forward personally and professionally," she confessed to us in an exclusive interview for In the more than sixteen years that she has been devoted to music, the businesswoman and artist is clear that no one has given her anything. And that is why she is now even more proud of all the personal and professional successes she has achieved. His family is the refuge she turns to after the glamor of the red carpets. And your new home , the one of your dreams, is just a place to "create moments", nothing that has to do with status or financial situation. "For me it was very important, it is my settlement. Here I am going to have my daughter and I am creating very beautiful things " , she tells us.


Soraya Arnelas is already in the final stretch of her pregnancy. The singer could not be happier knowing that she will soon have her little Olivia in her arms . The artist has reappeared in the most radiant way accompanying Manuela on her first day of school, a very special moment that, according to her own confession, they were both looking forward to it. "We are very happy that school begins, there was already desire because she was getting bored," she acknowledged. Precisely this week that her daughter returned to school was when Soraya had planned to celebrate her wedding, a ceremony that she had to postpone like other of her classmates like Chenoa. Now, during Manuela's return to school, the artist has taken the opportunity to clarify if she is one of the guests at her friend's link. " I am not invited to the wedding. I get along very well with her but Laura confessed to me that she wanted to do something very intimate, " she acknowledged.


Soraya Arnerlas already anticipated it at the beginning of the summer , when she announced that her next song would be called 'I am that woman' , and her video clip was going to be carried out by three three brave women. And it is that such an important song deserves a video clip to match: "Counting the days for the new video clip" , she said, although finally it has been something else that we have had to wait for. Its launch is imminent, since it will present it on September 13 -the day of her birthday- and in her video clip we will be able to know the stories of "3 women who come together for indisputable reasons , " she explained at the time, "Women who command a message to society of hope and love, a lot of love ".


Soraya Arnelas is already in the 30th week of her pregnancy and there is less and less left to be able to have Olivia, her second daughter, in her arms . In her last public appearance, the singer explained that she will continue with her work commitments until October 15, just a few days before her daughter is born, which is scheduled for November 10. "I will take advantage of until the last moment if everything goes well," she assured. And it is that that energy is what you are already transmitting to your baby. "Olivia is going to be very active, like Manuela, I rock her all the time," she said with a laugh. In the video that heads this news you can see the singer herself tell the differences she has had in this second pregnancy compared to the first. "Each pregnancy is a world and I feel very well. She's letting me do shows and everything. Age is weighing on, the lumbar is not the same " , Soraya has confessed to the Europa Press cameras.


Soraya , who continues to brag about the pregnancy of her second daughter, is not stopping. Yesterday we were able to enjoy her presence at the FesTVal, held in Vitoria, where a new television program in which she participated as a contestant was part of the presentation. Today, more settled, she was in charge of reminding us that she is already back at home, happy and surrounded by her loved ones while she recovers from a few busy days that bring the artist back to the forefront of today, who finds herself with multiple projects currently underway. "Back home, to my girl, my boy, my mother who has come to spend her vacations with us" , the artist wrote first thing in the morning, "Connect with you, the family, with my daily activities after the yesterday's super glamor " , referring to the presentation of Vitoria.


The coronavirus has caused many individuals to delay their marriages in order to celebrate it as it deserves when it is all over. Soraya Arnelas and Miguel Ángel Herrera had planned to go through the altar in 2020 after being engaged in 2019, but everything took a 360 degree turn when we found ourselves in a global pandemic. The couple, who are now expecting their second daughter, want the wedding day to be unforgettable and that they can celebrate it with their family and friends without restrictions of any kind. It is for all this that they have decided to wait a couple of more years to say 'Yes, I want', as the singer has confirmed to the magazine 'Hello!'.


Soraya Arnelas couldn't help but get nostalgic when she thought that this year she should have celebrated her wedding with Miguel Ángel Herrera. However, although he is saddened to have had to postpone it due to the pandemic, he has acknowledged that he is partly happy, and that is that he would have married a "pot-bellied", and it is that he recently announced that he was pregnant again. Now, she is looking forward to a new date to say 'yes, I do' with her boy.


The Extremaduran singer assures that the social network withdrew the image when it perceived "sexual activity with minors", although it is a mere 'selfie' of both sunbathing | The interpreter re-uploaded the photo with a star that covered part of the minor's torso. The disputed criteria of social networks when it comes to elucidating what content to allow and which to remove have played a trick on Soraya Arnelas . the Extremaduran singer, known since her participation in the 2005 edition of the television contest 'Operación Triunfo' , was censored by the social network Instagram for a photo in which sshe appeared with her 4-year-old daughter in which they both smiled while taking the Sun. the image, which shows a typically summer scene , was, however, filtered by Instagram as including "sexual activity with minors" , as revealed by Arnelas herself. the controversy was generated because the photo showed the bare torso of the minor .


Soraya Arnelas is finishing her fifth month of pregnancy . The singer, who wanted to be prudent and waited a reasonable time to break the news, announced excitedly that very soon she will expand the family with a girl named Olivia . Both she and her partner, Miguel Ángel , had been trying for a season and they have succeeded four years after their first-born daughter came into their lives. "I feel very well. Yes, I have to tell you that this pregnancy is completely different from Manuela's ", she commented yesterday to her followers in a live broadcast from her Instagram account, where she compared both experiences .


The singer Soraya Arnelas is in Gran Canaria filming the video clip of the song 'La Isla Fantástica', which is part of the Superstar album by the Gran Canaria artist Cristina Ramos. To make this shoot, the two singers are touring the island and the Valencian woman has taken the opportunity to compliment her beauty by uploading several photos to Twitter accompanied by the phrase "how beautiful you are, Gran Canaria."

April, 17, 2021

The singer Blas Cantó -representative of Spain in the Eurovision 2021 contest, which will host the city of Rotterdam (Holland) at the end of May-, along with Soraya Arnelas (participated in this contest in 2009), Natalie Horner (aspiring from Germany in 2013) and Kate Ryan (Belgium's choice in 2006 for the Festival), are the well-known faces that have shot in Guadalajara the promotional video of the campaign "CuTE-4You: Cultivating the Taste of Europe for You". The initiative, co-financed by the European Union (EU), will generate a whole social movement in favor of the consumption of European fruits and vegetables. FruitVegetablesEUROPE (EUCOFEL), which brings together more than 4,500 companies from the main European producing countries, wants to value the essential work of the sector carried out during the COVID-19 pandemic and, generate a movement of support to European farmers that promotes in turn, the consumption of fruit and vegetables produced within the European Union, compared to those imported from third countries, explained the president of the consortium, Juan Marín.

March, 23, 2021

The singer Blas Cantó -representative of Spain in the Eurovision 2021 contest, which will host the city of Rotterdam (Holland) at the end of May-, along with Soraya Arnelas (participated in this contest in 2009), Natalie Horner (aspiring from Germany in 2013) and Kate Ryan (Belgium's choice in 2006 for the Festival), are the well-known faces that have shot in Guadalajara the promotional video of the campaign "CuTE-4You: Cultivating the Taste of Europe for You". The initiative, co-financed by the European Union (EU), will generate a whole social movement in favor of the consumption of European fruits and vegetables. FruitVegetablesEUROPE (EUCOFEL), which brings together more than 4,500 companies from the main European producing countries, wants to value the essential work of the sector carried out during the COVID-19 pandemic and, generate a movement of support to European farmers that promotes in turn, the consumption of fruit and vegetables produced within the European Union, compared to those imported from third countries, explained the president of the consortium, Juan Marín.

March, 10, 2021

The followers of Soraya Arnelas did not give credit to what the Extremaduran singer confessed today during a talk on YouTube with the soprano Pilar Jurado in her online program Pilar & Friends . The one who was a contestant on Operación Triunfo has admitted that the talent changed her life to the point that it allowed her to leave a relationship in which she suffered abuse. The singer has reviewed during the conversation some of the most important aspects of her life and her musical career, where, of course, there have been references to the musical talent contest that "changed her life" : Operación Triunfo . With only 22 years old, Soraya decided to go to the casting of the fourth edition, the first that was broadcast on Telecinco and not on TVE back in 2005.

March, 07, 2021

Since Soraya Arnelas and her partner, model Miguel Herrera became parents, the singer has been questioned as a mother on many occasions. the first time just a week after their daughter was born, when the happy couple went out to dinner at the restaurant of the well-known chef David Muñoz . What seemed like a quiet evening turned into a nightmare, as many of her \"haters\" criticized the former contestant of \"Operation Triumph\" for leaving the little girl a week after coming into the world.

February, 26, 2021

The singer Soraya Arnelas has lived a year full of changes in her day to day life, and not only due to the transformative nature of the current coronavirus pandemic and the endless restrictions that it has brought with it at all levels. And it is that the Extremaduran interpreter, her husband, the model Miguel Ángel Herrera, and their little Manuela Grace recently moved to a new house on the outskirts of Madrid: a house whose construction slowed down considerably as a result of the total paralysis in which it was saw the planet engulfed during the most disruptive months of the health crisis. To this day, and as the artist herself confessed in conversation with Diez Minutos, the couple is still putting the finishing touches on the property to eliminate, among other things, the \"echoes\" that are still produced in a newly created home. as well as decorating and equipping the rooms so that they feel like a real home. No longer in such a hurry and aware that any plan for the future can entail major unforeseen events, Soraya prefers to take life with flexibility and admits that she has learned to focus primarily on the present.

February, 22, 2021

The singer Soraya Arnelas (38 years old) is going through one of the sweetest and happiest moments of her life. With success at work, leading several musical and television projects, and even leading her own clothing firm, now the artist faces a new challenge . In this case, personal. A sensation already known to her, but one that makes her intoxicated again with emotion, because as she has revealed in several interviews, it is something that she was taking some effort to achieve.

Decemmber, 19, 2020

Throughout this year we have been able to see the great changes that Soraya Arnelas has had to go through . The move from her home that she had been living for over twenty years was hard, but a plan that she had in mind and that was for the better. Moving to "Villa de Gracia", a name given in honor of her daughter, we have been able to see her in a new stage of her life that is much calmer, happier and more excited. And it has not only affected her, but also Manuela, her daughter. Through the networks we knew that the singer's daughter carries rhythm and talent in her blood and, thanks to the videos that Soraya has published, we have heard the mini artist at her crucial moment when she was dedicated to singing or dance while her mother recorded her. Now, the interpreter has left everyone speechless by publishing a beautiful message with the intention of showing, not only her love for her, but so that we understand that the future and the change of perspective depends on our way of seeing things , and it is that for the artist, the vision of children is much more revolutionary than ours.

November, 13, 2020

The singer Soraya Arnelas announced a few weeks ago her new business project , a clothing line called Chochete. Since then, the former contestant of Operación Triunfo has endured all kinds of criticism and mockery for the name chosen for this brand created together with her husband and inspired by the values ​​of her daughter. She defends that it is a happy word that is used in Andalusia and that she usually uses to refer to her daughter. But there are those who see in her sexism, provocation or, simply, lack of elegance.

September, 22, 2020

If there is a singer that makes us fall in love every time she picks up a microphone and starts singing, that is Soraya Arnelas . The artist has a professionalism within her that always shows that she gets on stage and does the best she knows how to do. And it is that this Sunday, the singer turns 38 and she does it with a smile from ear to ear, in one of the best moments of her life. Soraya is a very active woman in social networks and is always very attentive to her followers, telling them about her day to day and the things she does to keep in shape. The truth is that we have a lot to envy the singer, since at 38 years old she sports a slim figure, achieved by the personal care she has for herself.

September, 9, 2020

Back to school is bringing many homes upside down. Many children have already returned to the classroom in a context that is not the one they are used to . Others stay home because their parents prefer to wait to see what happens in the next few days. Soraya is one of those who has chosen to take her daughter Manuela to school. On Tuesday she shared a photo of breakfast with her little girl already ready with the uniform to start the new course. "First day of school! We have toasted the illusion of starting a course, the illusion of being able to learn, the illusion of being in contact with children again and of having a childhood like the one all children should have! LET'S GO FOR IT! EVERYTHING IS GOING TO GO WELL! ", He wrote in networks on that day that has been lived with such intensity.

August, 5, 2020

The confinement by Covid-19 did something good for the artists. And it is that they have been able to spend much more time with theirs and enjoy them. Soraya Arnelas was one of them since she was attached to her daughter Manuela Grace 24 hours a day. Thanks to this "free time" they were able to do many things together and the singer recorded part of them to be able to remember it later. "If it has not yet been clear to you that the good is coming… From those videos that you find on the cell phone of the confinement. Manuela takes the stage and Mom becomes a lighting technician … MADRE MÍA! "Soraya Arnelas wrote along with a video where we can see her daughter giving everything with incredible movements to the rhythm of 'Con Calma' by Daddy Yankee.

July, 5, 2020

Conil de la Frontera (Cádiz) has starred in the recording of Soraya's new video clip with the Bombai boys . As a new single by Luces y Sombras , the last album from Extremadura that went on sale last April, the former flight attendant has just released Lo Bueno , a fresh and lively song that reminds us of the best of summers. And that is what this song is about, summer, summer and more summer. And if anyone can do it, it is Soraya, who since she left the OT Academy has accompanied us for several summers becoming the soundtrack for them with songs like Con Fuego or Fruto Prohibido

May, 1, 2020

'Luces y sombra' is the most personal album of Soraya Arnelas' musical career . It is his seventh studio album and it has featured artists such as Chenoa, Jon Secada and Bombai. But without a doubt, her most special collaboration is that of her daughter Manuela de Gracia, who with just 3 years old has become the great protagonist of her life and has a very important presence in the video clip of her song 'I will count up to ten' . We had already been able to listen to it when the album was released on April 24, but now that we have seen the video clip we have fallen in love even more. In it, Soraya has collected images of the 3 years of life of her little Manuela, since she was born until now with an introduction that makes clear the message she wants to send with this song. Soraya explains the meaning of her song 'I will count to ten'

Aprel 28, 2020

Last Friday and as Soraya Arnelas had previously announced on her social networks, her new album 'Luces y sombra' came out, after three years of work preparing the 14 songs that make up the album, and which show the more side Autobiographical and versatile of the artist, with that mix of styles that can be heard inside.

March 31, 2020

Despite the confinement, singer Soraya Arnelas releases a new album called 'Luces y sombra'. About her new job, and how she and her family are living, the state of alarm tells us about Julia en la Onda.

January 30, 2020

Soraya Arnelas is one of the most followed and known singers of the current scene. And it is that after his departure from the first edition of 'Operation Triumph', his career has been reaping success after success. Now, the young woman shares through her social networks her day to day. Together with her husband, Michael , Soraya has surprised everyone with a funny anecdote that has not gone unnoticed.

January 18, 2020

The singer publishes this spring Lights and Shadows , her "best and most biographical" work to date. On the occasion of the premiere, talk with S Moda about the Rosalia phenomenon, sexism in music or how to deal with digital haters . While celebrating its 15th anniversary in the industry, Soraya Arnelas (Valencia de Alcántara, 1982) says she is convinced to have both the public and the place to continue in it for many more years. The Extremadura singer, who first was the OT , then the Eurovision and then the image changes, now wants to be the one of Lights and Shadows , which she defines as the "album of her life". In a figurative and literal sense, taking into account that each of the songs that make up the album - on sale next spring - are autobiographical. During the talk with S Moda,Soraya shows the same honesty kamikaze in his answers, knowing at this point that in the current scenario any topic can be the one that closes the party. Just in case, you better dance them all.

October 12, 2019

We are making it back to Nightclub Kolis in Archway for this event because our guest star simply deserves a hot and busy dancefloor. Making her London debut, we are proud to announce the performance of Spanish disco diva, gifted singer, model, and actress SORAYA ARNELAS. Irrefutable queen of Iberian dancefloors, she started her singing career over a decade ago in Operación Triunfo and has toured the World several times with a string of hits that we all love ('Dreamer', 'Mi Mundo Sin Ti' , 'Con Fuego', 'Self Control' )...

September 13, 2019

This theme made from the heart, from the bowels...